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I am not answering these anymore. D: I just don’t know what to say, lol. I am going to delete the others but I will probably screencap them and add them to this post because I am amused. This was entertaining. lol.

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Anonymous sent:
do you have any higurashi no naku koro ni ships?

Mion + Keiichi / Mion + Rena (mostly as friends but I SERIOUSLY LOVE THEIR RELATIONSHIP. It’s one of my favorite relationships of all time.) / Satoshi + Shion (I love this.). 

Anonymous sent:
is your url lilium after the elfen lied song?

That it is. :D 

Anonymous sent:
whos in ur icon?

Koko Kaga from Golden Time. <3

Anonymous sent:
Would you eat a human if you were turned into a shark?

Omg. It’s funny that you asked me this question and I am going to give you a rather large answer. I have a large fascination with the ocean and particularly sharks. Scientists say that sharks (at least great whites) have I think… at least… 500x the sensors that we have. This means that they can ‘feel’ stuff without actually touching them and then those same scientists say that sharks think we are seals? I always find that really insulting to sharks and I am pretty sure they don’t think we are seals… I think they know what we are and we are easy prey…. 

But no, I don’t think I would try to eat a human if I was a shark but that doesn’t mean I might not attack them if they were pissing me off. 

niceb0ng replied to your post: anonymous asked:have you ever con…

i’ve changed mine like 8 times today

Lol, again. It’s awesome that Tumblr has the ability to change at will. :D 

Anonymous sent:
have you ever considered changing/giving away your url? its a great url and im sure a lot of people want it, but of course that's just all the more reason to want to keep it!


fatsumie replied to your post: Monogatari S2 - 13

if you’re watching with Commie subs then they didnt release a recap episode but named episode 12 as 11

Yeah, I am actually watching Horrible but they were missing two episodes so I got them from Commie and since I now know they didn’t do the recaps, it makes sense. lol. 

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